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Jul 21, 2012 6:30pm EDT
hamilton used, basically in describing what tht s esidency is all about. hamilton wrote--200 years ago hn said that--that energy in thede executive is a leading characteristic of good government, and so i tried to bring this idea of energy into f energy into the political discussion this year. >> george will calls you on the back of a book a public philosopher seasoned by public service. what do you think he meant by that? >> well, perhaps he's referring to the fact that i did spend some time in the justice department. i have two degrees in the philosophy so i guess george will is referring to the fact that i have thought some about the public interest which is true. i think this book is an expression basically of my understanding of the presidency, and also of government. >> he writes on the back about two points. he says, he is utterly convincing that ethical behavior is central not to peripheral to a strong presidency. what he is talking about ethical behavior? >> i think what he is talking about and writing about in the fact is that we have to understand our president in terms of some
Jul 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, you shouldn't expect to ah noe the orld, do you find people use it as a norm. i find it fascinating, they will hold up as a norm something that has never been seen on this planet and regard as anomaly something that is seen in country after un we diyu gw p? a otliis nhre >> and your parents moved to harlem? >> yes. >> where did you go to school? >> right in the middle, ps 5. >> college? >> howard university in washington r a year and a half. anred to rd.snld in al ie t e student and now professor? >> oh, good heavens, so many people. i think my family itself would be the biggest nfluence. whenhey came ut of th ou, ruwt d d r a,adynt me to take advantage of them. and more than that, they realized that there was no way that they, either in terms of money or in terms of education, would be able to do that, and so they looked around for people isea nheasawud nei a,they had picked out for me to meet before i ever got off the train. and eddie map was from the west indies. his mother was much more educated than mbersf my family. inh anech wapear be tth wld not have occurred to me until it
Jul 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
don't know if you can do this. can you give us your personal political philosophy in a couple of sentences? >> it would be tough. i am a conservative. i don't think that's any secret to c-span viewers. i've been on here a number of times. but i mean bytht very much the things i was just talking about. i'm interested in conserving certain things, not just because of a status quo. quite often i've been critical of the status quo at any moment, but of conserving this tradition of freedom, of imited government, which is the tradition of t united states and the tradition of western culture generally. i think that's what conservativism means. because i believe in those values of freedom, i'm a conservative because that's what i'm trying to do. >> back to the founding fathers, madison, washington, jefferson group, wo in that group would best reflect what you think today or who would you look to for guidance? >> well, it's hard to pick any one of the founders. they were all so good and all so wise, it's amazing how wise and good they were, if you consider that at that time this countr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3